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10 Foods that Increase Your Sex Drive

If you constantly have to take male enhancement pills just to improve your sex drive,
then you are not really following a good diet plan. Although there is nothing entirely
wrong with taking such pills, it is still best that you go with the more natural approach
and that is eating the right foods.

Today, I am going to be talking about some foods that will increase your sex drive


The active ingredient in Chili, Capsaicin, is known to boost metabolism which improves
overall health. In addition, it is also known to improve the production and release of
endorphins which can heavily shift your mood towards the positive.

Chia Seeds

These seeds are a staple in every healthy diet plan mainly because it contains a lot of
nutrients that your body needs for optimal health.

It contains a lot of essential fatty acids that are known to help boost the production of
testosterone naturally. Aside from that, it is also rich in fiber which can help prevent
arterial blockage, ensuring adequate blood flow all throughout your body.

Green Tea

Rich in powerful antioxidants and catechins, green tea can help empower your liver to
convert fat into usable energy. Aside from that, it also helps improve blood circulation by
releasing nitric oxide inside the body.


Another natural testosterone booster, consume at least a teaspoon full of ginger every
week to see the effects.


Rich in protein and other essential fatty acids, almonds can help ramp up testosterone
production in men. Plus, they are easy to eat as it doesn’t require any cooking.


In order for men to improve their sex drive, they need to have adequate amounts of
testosterone in their bodies. That being said, Honey’s rich boron content can aid in the
production and utilization of testosterone that will ensure that your sex drive will be at its
peak most of the time.


Aside from the fact that blueberries are rich in antioxidants that are good for overall
health, they also contain a good amount of flavonoids as well, which are known to
naturally treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Vegetable Oil

Using vegetable oil in cooking your food is actually good considering that it doesn’t have
nearly the same number of unwanted fat compared to other cooking oils.

Aside from that, vegetable oil also contains vitamin E as well, which is an essential
vitamin that helps maintain good hormone balance in the body.


Rich in protein and B-vitamins, a whole egg can improve your sex drive because of its
rich mineral and protein content. Not to mention that you can easily add eggs to
whatever you eat during the day.


Men should start eating oatmeal because not only does it improve heart health thanks
to its rich fiber content but it also prevents cholesterol buildup in the body as well.

Blocked arteries can be a major cause of erectile dysfunction, mainly because pathways
toward the penis may not get adequate blood flow due to plaque buildup.