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5 Casino Etiquettes that Gamblers Should Know

When you go to school, there are certain rules that you have to follow. When you are a citizen, there are laws that you have to abide by. The same goes for gamblers that go to live casinos in that they also have casino etiquettes to follow.

This article will center around the most important etiquettes that gamblers should know and follow when they visit a gambling institution.

Know the Rules of the Game

Usually, all you have to do to start playing casino games would be to go to individual tables, sign-up, and place a bet. Now, that presupposes that you already know the rules of the game and it is vital that you do before you actually play it.

A lot of people go to tables just to place bets but they really do not know how the game is played, when you should wager, how much you should wager, and other pertinent information that a responsible gambler should know before playing.

Do not be rude to the dealers and other house guests. Know the rules of the game so that you will understand when and where you should place your bets (and do so in a rightful manner).


Keep the Technology Away

Although most casinos do not ban you from using your smartphones during a game, it is actually quite disrespectful if you do not put away your technology.

There are a couple of reasons why it is considered rude. One, it distracts other players if you continuously fiddle with your phone during live games.

Two, it just shows that you do not have consideration for others. Three, your potential to get lost in the details of the game is so high that you’re almost always guaranteed to lose.

Don’t Ask the Dealer for Any Advice

Dealers are people and you can reason with them to give you some advice that could potentially help you win the game. However, keep in mind that all casino games rely on strategy and luck and there is potential for you to lose games.

Should you lose, the dealer will have no way of knowing how you would react. But, if we were to look at historical data, people who lose games usually do not take it lightly.

Give Them a Tip

I don’t know if you live in the United States or not but it is generally a good idea to give a tip to your waiting staff, parking attendant, and most especially, the dealers.

Most of their revenue is based on tips and if you do not give them anything, they will leave with only a small amount of change in their pockets.

Whether you are winning games or you’re on a losing streak, it is good practice to always give tips to these people.

Don’t Touch Other Players’ Chips

It is generally considered rude to touch other players’ chips. You should only touch yours and nothing else. When placing your bets, stack the chips neatly and put them in the designated area.