8 Tricks and Tips for SEO beginners


SEO is used to improve rankings on your pages and search engine results. With these tricks and tips, even beginners can use SEO like analytics platforms like a pro.

1. Research Competitors and Keywords

To understand the website SEO services and your competitor’s site, you need to research your keywords. There are free tools available for use out there.

An example is SEM Rush that can help with your keywords for your services or products, interests of your audience and more.

Research organic keywords for both yours and your competitor so you can know where your position is in terms of SEO result page, and how you can create a plan to get past the competition.

2. Keywords should be in the critical parts of your page

The specific elements of your webpage should be optimized for SEO, also known as on-page SEO, so you can boost your page ranking. Enhance the following page elements for SEO:

a) Meta descriptions
b) Page title
c) URL
d) H1, H2, etc tags
e) Text to link in you site

Use tools like Bright Edge that can help recommend keywords for the elements in your pages. By doing so, you are ensuring that your pages are relevant to search engines when searching keywords.

3. Social Media posts can be automated

Schedule and automate promotions and social media posts to make your life easier. This lets you be on the radar of your audience without missing a post. For instance, Facebook allows you to schedule posts and automate posting them.

4. Utilize SEO analytics platform to monitor performance

An SEO analytics platform keeps track of the performance of your marketing plans and the results as well. This works on wither social media marketing or on-page SEO.

One free tool beginners can utilize is Google Analytics. It is a simple and effective tool to monitor and help you understand where the traffic to your page comes from.

Whether organically or not, what part of your page they visit most and more, analytics platform can greatly help with your strategy.

5. Links by outside sites to your page is important

Ranking first in search engines are caused by a number of factors. One of them is the number of outside site links to your page.

The more outside sites place links on their pages towards yours, search engines deem your site as more important
or relevant. It is a good idea to check the amount of outside sites that are linkingto your site or pages.

6. Utilize influencers to promote products or content

Influencer marketing is the new hype that is utilized by companies both big and small. They get influencers – people who have a large number of followings, to effectively promote their services or products and create huge impact.

Smaller companies that cannot allot budget for influencers gain their service through an exchange of free products for their endorsement or product review.

7. Provide shareable, custom images

Share to your audience engaging images that would make them want to share it to their own social media platforms. Choosing the right images for your marketing can increase your social media following and the outside links to your site or page.

8. Use Alt text to optimize keywords

Doing this practice not only increases ranking in SEO, it also helps visually impaired users with the use of keywords.