Baby Care 101: How to Keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

1.Make sure that your baby’s diapers and nappies don’t irritate her skin.

Do you love shopping for baby bath accessories and baby diapers in Malaysia for your kid? Well, you better see to it that these wouldn’t irritate her skin. Choose those brands that keep your little one fresh and clean. Remember, some brands may cause rashes that can eventually lead to serious infections.

2.Establish a bathing routine for your baby.

Some parents prefer to bath their kids every single day, but some others don’t. Whatever schedule you choose, it’s always better to pick a soap and shampoo that won’t cause allergic reactions. As much as possible, settle for organic skin care baby products. Never use products that can harm your kid’s sensitive skin.

Another important thing is that switch of the fan and air conditioner in the room where you will dry off your child. This is crucial to avoid chills.

3.Change your child’s diaper as soon as it’s wet.

Diaper rashes can often show up because of skin irritations. This can be the result of a wet diaper that is left of a long time, or the use of inappropriate soaps, diapers or wipes.

After changing your baby’s diaper, clean the area using gentle wipes. Then, sprinkle some powder in order to keep the part clean and dry.

4.Watch out for some skin problems.

One of the most common baby skin problems you might encounter along the way is eczema. This is an itchy, red rash that may, or may not happen in response to a certain cause. It typically appears on the child’s face, arms, knees, elbows and chest. If your family has experience with atopic dermatitis, asthma or other baby skin allergies, there is greater risk of your baby getting affected by eczema. What should you do, then? Just use mild baby soaps, and apply moisturizers.

5.Address your baby’s dry skin.

If your child has dry skin, use a reliable, natural moisturizer in order to keep the skin supple, soft and hydrated. A favorite among parents is pure coconut oil, since it’s natural, and organic. Also, avoid bathing the child too often, as it may strip off the skin with vital nutrients, leaving it dry and dull.