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How to Choose the Best Website Hosting Service: 6 Helpful Tips


Upon signing up for web hosting services, you will be given a control panel where in you can manage your account. Aside from this, you also need a file transfer protocol, or FTP, to access all of your files. This is a common approach utilized to transfer pages and files. Remember to look at the maximum sizes of files, since this can restrict the feature to upload all media files.


There are a lot of reliable website hosting companies in Malaysia that can help you improve your online presence. However, take note that it’s important to choose hosts that can provide quick backup support. Reliable hosting providers deliver 24/7 support, and they can assist you in getting your entire business back, in case something goes wrong.


The closer your data center is to your website visitors, the faster your web pages would load. Most likely, your audience would come from a certain area. Try your best to look for a web host with a data center near that area.


Only settle with a hosting provider that offers quality backups. Not all hosts provide this kind of service as a part of the bundle, so don’t forget to ask about this. This includes both the database and website files. However, you can also backup your website files through a third-party platform such as Google Drive.

5.Website builder

At this day and age, website hosting providers offer high-quality tools you will need to build a website. Several website builders offer awesome templates with drag-and drop functions, allowing people who don’t have any knowledge on coding make their own web pages. There is no need to hire a website designer. Keep in mind though, that Weebly and WIX are propriety in nature. They are not really web hosting entities.


Several web hosting packages offer unlimited storage capacities, but the term “unlimited” comes with certain restrictions. Before finalizing your hosting purchase, take note of your website needs first. Chances are, if you are operating a small business website, a low-cost shared web hosting plan would already serve you well. It’s highly unlikely that you would need over 1GB of space, unless you would upload lots of videos and images.