How to Keep your betting well -played

Gambling tricks to keep your betting’ well done’ even in online casino
At the right time, a well-played moment is when you make the right move. If you keep an eye on your spending. When you set a limit and you stick to that. It’s not all about gambling, when you’re with friends. When you think you want to walk away. Using our tips and tools to keep your bet going good.
In offering practical tips on how to play safely we promote a balanced approach to gambling.

Set and stick to the money and time limits. Keep track of your outlays.

  • Sticking to limits means you’re going to have more time and money to do other thing you’re loving, like going on a family holiday or buying something you want.
  • Set your budget and just take with you that amount of cash, leaving your bankcards at home.
  • Gambling can be a costly means of entertainment.If you would like to spend less then take a look at our money management tools.

Take pauses regularly.

  • By taking regular breaks keep your gambling an enjoyable practice.
  • Try to leave the gambling area, instead of just the table, poker machine or screen, when you take a break.
  • Taking breaks is a fantastic way to let you have some extra time to reflect on whether you should continue playing.

Make sure that this isn’t always about gambling when you catch up with friends.

  • The way you treat yourself will influence your mates. You will help them do the same, by not putting off your mates for a flutter.
  • Gambling is often seen as a social activity but it is important to ensure that you maintain a balance in your life with other leisure activities, hobbies or interests.

Sometimes keep your gambling as something you do when you’re in a good headspace, not to escape.

  • When you feel stressed or anxious, lonely or even bored, avoid playing gambling.
  • Alcohol can also cloud your judgement, so keep an eye on your drinks too