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Top 5 Slice of Life Anime of All Time

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Tired after discussing binary MLM plan with your workmates? It is time for you to relax and watch some slice of life animes. There’s something magical about seeing little events from everyday life brought to life on TV. In a slice of life storey, we frequently witness characters who are similar to ourselves, dealing with everyday problems and going about their daily lives. There isn’t a strict emphasis on tight narratives or a lot of action.


  • Honey and Clover

This anime is a fantastic depiction of love, life, and nostalgia that will make you miss your college days. (If you aren’t already in one.) The show starts a little shaky, but it improves so quickly that after a few episodes, you won’t even notice. The first season is merely a taster to get you ready for the second, which is a seven-course dinner in itself. It’ll be impossible for you to get enough of it.


  • Isekai Shokudou

Are you becoming tired of the never-ending stream of bland isekai entries? I can’t say I blame you. Studios have been on the lookout for the next big success since Sword Art Online caught the world by storm. Isekai Shokudo, in contrast to the traditional action-packed isekai, is about the pleasures of eating and discovering gastronomic delights. And do you understand why it works? It’s because the patrons of an otherwise ordinary Japanese eatery are elves, faeries, dragons, leonine warriors, sorcerers, knights, and biped reptiles. It makes you enjoy your meals and snacks, regardless of how inexpensive or common they are. 


  • Nichijou

This one has some similarities to “cute girls doing cute things,” but it’s more along the lines of “cute girls doing absurd things.” This odd comedy series takes place in a typical high school, where nearly every character has a bizarre secret or passion. Yuuko is the most ordinary of girls, and she is also completely ridiculous. Meanwhile, the young Professor enjoys sharks and food, there’s a cranky robot girl, and there’s Mio, an exuberant girl who attempts to hide her habit of making amateur boy-love manga. With Nichijou, you never know what you’ll receive.


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  • Gabriel Dropout

Here’s the thing: I adore online role-playing games. So I knew I was in for a treat when Gabriel DropOut came out, starring an angel who was supposed to protect humanity but ended up playing video games. The hook was the fallen angel Gabriel. But it was Satanichia, a cute demon who is frequently placed in perilous situations, who kept me watching. Gabriel DropOut isn’t apocalyptic, but something is appealing about seeing cute devils and angels in school acting as the opposites of who they were supposed to be.


  • ReLIFE

I’m not sure why no one has mentioned this anime, given that anybody can view anything. It’s a good series with a thrilling ride. The comedy at the beginning of the series is fantastic. The finest part about this anime is perhaps the characters, who never felt out of place. The show may have slowed down in the last few episodes, but it completed the task at hand.


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