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What does a web designer do?

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A web designer is a person who is in charge of the design, layout and overall navigation of a website. Web designers don’t necessarily need to create the website for their clients because they can also be hired for working on an existing website. There is a difference between web designers and web developers, though. Web developers are usually more involved in coding, turning codes into the whole website as we see it. Despite the difference, both web designers and web developers work closely with each other. 

malaysia web designers

The typical responsibilities of a web designer include drafting web designs, creating sample sites, meeting with clients, and so on and so forth. The main role of malaysia web designers is to determine the appearance of a website. They will be the one to meet with clients to obtain information from them on how they want the website to be. Those information mentioned usually include the visuals, the colours used, the font, and the images in the website. All of that has to be aligned with what the clients envision. The overall design of the website has to achieve what the clients truly want, which is to engage more potential customers and hopefully turn them into actual customers.

The key skills of a web designer are such as creativity, innovativity, good sense of judgment, patience to deal with clients’ demands, being able to pay attention to detail, good analytical and communication skills, knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), IT skills, and ability to use designer programmes such as Adobe Illustration and Photoshop.

Web designers usually possess good visual design skills. They are also responsible for defining a brand’s uniqueness rather than just being a branding person. Besides having great design skills, they are also able to explain to clients the design concepts and whatnot. Web designers are also known as problem solvers as they work on existing websites which are considered obsolete or redundant to bring them back to life.

In addition, web designers also have vast knowledge on user experience (UX) as they help clients design a website that focuses on the needs of users. This is because most of the businesses are looking to maximize conversion rates from potential customers to actual customers and good UX design enables that to happen.

Coding is usually the job of a web developer, but sometimes web designers are required to know a thing or two about it too. Since most of their works are overlapping each other’s, a web designer may be also skilled in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Believe it or not, these two coding languages are responsible for the overall appearance and attractive attributes of the website. 

malaysia web designers

Where do web designers work?

As we know, web designers usually work behind a computer screen, they could be employed by a design firm, an advertising or marketing firm, or even work freelance. However, web designers are not just limited to these options, as they could be hired by big commercial companies who want their own in-house designer.