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Why Should You Read Manga Series?

Manga has existed in Japan since the 12th century, but its current format dates from the 1950s. It is usually published as a weekly, biweekly, or monthly periodical in Japan before being turned into a novel. According to the Japan External Trade Organization, manga accounts for roughly one-third of all publications in Japan. Manga does not stop with fiction; they also create non-fiction publications to provide accessibility and entertainment while learning about science or history. Manga also deals with real-life issues; the characters face problems that are relatable to a wide range of readers, not just younger ones. Click here to find the latest manga chapters to read.

latest manga chapters to read

Everyone in Japan reads them, from children to the elderly. You’re probably wondering what’s in a Manga for a new reader or why you should care about them. Here are the reasons why you should read manga series.


  1. Art
  • Manga is traditionally hand-drawn. Even the above image is hand-drawn, which is surprising but true. Manga contains meticulously drawn images that will leave you speechless! Such deft art catches the reader’s eye, and it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. As a result, these images are felt directly by our soul, making us happy and increasing our appreciation for art.
  • The most difficult aspect of reading is that a novice reader cannot visualise what is written or what the writer wishes to convey in the same way that an experienced reader can. It is a skill that must be learned over time. However, even the most inexperienced neophyte can visualise Manga because the Mangaka which is the creator of the manga depicts his thoughts by creating such beautiful surreal illustrations that we feel as if we are in it while reading it. Isn’t it lovely, like this bustling city centre? It’s drawn from such an angle that it feels like we’re at a crossroads in Tokyo.

latest manga chapters to read

  1. Detailed storylines
  • Each Manga is distinct, with its own storyline, characters, and plots. Character development is given a lot of attention, something that is rarely seen in Marvel and DC comics. Furthermore, in comics, the foundation of a character is laid by one artist, but subsequent comics are created by a variety of artists/comic writers.
  1. Increase in knowledge
  • Reading different genres of Manga broadens one’s horizon and allows us to learn about things we might not have known about otherwise.
  • Kingdom, a historical manga, which is about the first king who considered China’s unification, which resulted in many military campaigns and countless deaths. But it was the ‘War of Changping’ that shocked me the most. Qin killed and buried 4.5 thousand people during this war, sparing only 240 children to instill fear of Qin. I would never have discovered this piece of history if it hadn’t been for this manga.

latest manga chapters to read

  1. Variety of Genres
  • Themes and genres are so diverse that you can name it and find it. Currently, there are over 35,000 manga titles available digitally online. Seriously, the world of Manga covers almost every possible genre or story, so much so that it’s impossible not to find a story to your liking.