Wish For More Room? Here Are The Types Of Rooms You Need


Buying a house without a sunroom is an extremely huge deal breaker for me. For others, it is having a garage, or a separate kitchen or even a huge backyard. Everyone has a list of essentials they want in their home. This is the case whether you are buying a home in the city or in the suburbs of Bandar Saujana Putra

Today we are going to talk about all the space we need in our home. Apart from the typical bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen set up, a home needs a little more. And if we can afford it and have access to it, here are some rooms to keep your eye out for when you are house hunting. 

A Home Office 

Imagine moving into a house and realizing you forgot to account for your remote work and all the after-hour workspaces? With the pandemic making it’s two to three re-rounds and comebacks, we are in desperate need of space we could call our office. Even when the pandemic finally leaves us forever, we are going to need a space we call the office, even in our home. A designated space for your office will not only make your house a bit more organized but it will give you a space to relax and be productive. If you are moving with a big family, or even with just your spouse, make sure not to overlook your need for a home office. If there is no home office in the house, you can always opt for a house with two to three additional rooms or one guest room. Your guest room can be your brand new office! 


Huge Pantry

Pantries are dreamy. Honestly, they are an underrated addition to our home. When buying or renting your new house check out space for a pantry addition or an already built-in pantry right next to the kitchen. This is the perfect place to store your antiques, your pasta selections, an endless number of spices, various wheat and grains, and even your drawer full of coasters, utensils, and beautiful tableware. 

Gorgeous Sunroom 

The sunroom is the perfect place to relax and as the name suggests, it is where you get your vitamin D and enjoy a nice cup of coffee before starting up your busy day. They are also the highlight of your home with ceramic tiles, greenhouse vibes, and plants taking up the majority of the space with beautiful bohemian furniture. Some even place in swings, coffee tables, and anything their creativity calls for in the room.


Mudrooms are very well known in the western world and it is a space dedicated for, you guessed it, muddiness! You cannot afford to come into your home with muddy shoes and large boots on. You need a mudroom to contain all the messes. And if you have little kids running around, the mess is always the double but a mudroom can easily help us promote cleanliness and organization in the home, even with the help of children. Kids understand that the mudroom is the place where they clean themselves off before stepping into the sanctity of the bedroom or even the kitchen after their playtime in the backyard.

Always look out for homes and solutions that come along with the dreamy essentials in your checklist. Otherwise, we have to pay up the double to get it all in our beautiful home in the Bandar Saujana Putra